Capgemini supports Subway on large-scale digital update

16 January 2024 2 min. read
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Capgemini has served as strategic and implementation partner on Subway’s ongoing, multi-year digital transformation initiative.

“I look at Capgemini to be the first thought-partner we speak to, and they can share experiences working with other quick-service restaurants who have also embarked on digital-transformation journeys,” said Donagh Herlihy, chief digital and information officer for Subway. “We’re humble. We listen and learn from everyone. Capgemini brings in very helpful advice on strategy, options, governance, and structure that is very valuable.”

Subway’s refresh of its digital platform began in 2019, as the quick-service sandwich chain sought to expand the North America-based platform to its 37,000 restaurants worldwide. The Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 shifted priorities for the project.

“We had to get curbside up and running,” said Herlihy. “So, we refactored the app and the website to support digital ordering as the primary channel for the business.” That meant direct integration into POS (point-of-sale) systems so that digital orders are just another order popping in.

Capgemini supports Subway on large-scale digital update

Capgemini then helped address the international rollout, including working on APIs and underlying infrastructure.

Subway also updated its catering business to include a simpler and faster online ordering experience.

Herlihy says digital sales have tripled since 2019 and that guest satisfaction metrics are all rising.

The restaurant chain also re-examined its proprietary POS system and menu platform used by a network of thousands of franchisees. Prior to an update, franchisees had to individually manage up to 30 menu changes per year, leading to a high-degree of opt-out.

Capgemini developed an auto-publish function that automates all related administrative work – while still allowing franchisees to control what changes they accept.

It’s also now more simple for franchisees to mark certain items as out-of-stock. If a location marks a protein or vegetable as unavailable, the change is made across all digital platforms and blocks customers from ordering anything that involves that item.

“It is super helpful when Capgemini helps us shape our strategies, and that is why Capgemini is in the room as a partner as we plan what is next,” Herlihy said. “We have a diverse technology leadership team with hospitality and retail experience, but we don’t have the depth of technology knowledge that a company like Capgemini can bring.”