COPC unveils new customer service journey consulting offering

10 May 2019 2 min. read
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COPC Inc., a consulting firm which helps clients improve the operations supporting customer experience, has launched a new customer service journey consulting program which helps companies address the business impact of poor customer service.

COPC started out in 1996 as an advisory firm for call centers, offering certification, training, and operational performance improvement services within the industry. Though the company still provides standards and certification services to call centers, it has branched out to provide advisory services managing all aspects of the customer journey, including channel strategy, customer experience (CX) measurement and improvement, and proprietary CX software.

The Winter Park, Florida–based consultancy, which has operations across the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia, announced a further expansion of its offerings with a new customer service journey program. With 61% of consumers saying that customer care departments fail to meet their needs (according to COPC research), the new consulting offering targets customer care interactions generated by a customer’s issue or request, while paying special attention to smooth channel transitions.COPC unveils new customer service journey consulting offering

The advisory offering delivers a comprehensive approach to CX improvement, examining people, technology, processes, and policies to drive efficiency and performance improvement – resulting in higher levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The service journey offering ultimately aims to optimize channel transition, streamline transaction complexity, identify root causes of dissatisfaction, improve measurement, and optimize customer care processes. COPC will map out service journey scenarios, assess customer-facing components like websites and contact centers, assess supporting functions like technologies and application processing, and develop operational improvements – from staffing practices to data management.

“Customer care operations have the most control, influence and ability to positively impact the overall customer experience,” Cliff Moore, chairman, COPC, said. “Our goal is to help companies successfully meet their customer in whatever channel they arrive and quickly and easily resolve their issue. If you can do that, you have not only increased customer satisfaction but have built brand loyalty that can turn into repeat business, positive word of mouth, and a reservoir of positive feelings that help insulate you from the next issue.”