OPEXEngine joins Bain & Company's Alliance Ecosystem

31 May 2019 Consulting.us 2 min. read

Software industry–focused benchmarking firm OPEXEngine has joined management consultancy Bain & Company’s Alliance Ecosystem, where it will help Bain deliver transformative results for technology clients.

According to Bain & Company, software firms require a data-driven approach to drive operational efficiency and profitability. Waltham, MA–based OPEXEngine’s leading benchmarking platform defines and measures the key performance indicators which help unlock growth: leaders can use the data to invest more heavily in productive areas, while restructuring inefficient ones – from R&D to sales & marketing.

The firm’s cloud-based BenchmarkEngine allows companies to compare themselves to peers and market leaders, drawing on more than 10 years of secure, proprietary data. Companies can leverage over 150 KPIs and operational metrics.OPEXEngine joins Bain & Company's Alliance EcosystemThe firm’s EdgarEngine, meanwhile, allows companies to view the key financials of any US public company for any time period – providing an automated option that eliminates the need to manually download each company’s info.

OPEXEngine is now a member of Bain’s Alliance Ecosystem, a network of partnerships with technology and service providers. The ecosystem boosts the consultancy’s capabilities in data, tools, technology solutions, specialized expertise, and thought leadership. When a client engagement demands some capability found in the ecosystem, Bain picks the best partner for the project.

“This partnership enables us to further accelerate and enhance client results,” Simon Heap, head of Bain & Company’s global software practice, said. “Our tailored approach coupled with insights driven by OPEXEngine’s extensive dataset helps companies move quickly from diagnosis to action to results. This accelerates the decisions needed to design a transformation strategy, optimize a product portfolio, drive engineering efficiency, or improve go-to-market performance.”

According to Lauren Kelly, CEO and founder of OPEXEngine, Bain’s clients will be able to make more effective resource allocations and less risky growth investments with the firm’s 10-year+ longitudinal benchmark database.

Bain’s Alliance Ecosystem currently has over 20 members, including digital transformation firm Endava.