Nuix launches e-discovery software Nuix Discover

09 August 2019 2 min. read

Risk, compliance, and security firm Nuix will rebrand the existing e-discovery application Nuix Ringtail as Nuix Discover. Nuix Discover offers law firms, corporations, and government agencies an all-in-one e-discovery solution.

E-discovery software is often used in legal proceedings to identify and collect electronically stored information, but can also be used to analyze risk, compliance, and security threats.

"This change represents an important milestone for everyone at Nuix," Bill Adams, head of Nuix Discover, said. "It underscores the monumental efforts of so many people coming together, creating a stronger organization out of two already amazing companies, and delivering an e-discovery application that will benefit our customers, partners, and service providers for years to come.”

Nuix last year acquired the Ringtail brand from FTI Consulting. Ringtail – and the forthcoming Discover – is an integrated software that combines visual analytics, machine learning, smart review, and an integrated customer success program. It can be set up on-site or used over the cloud. 

Nuix launches e-discovery software Nuix Discover

The software eliminates the need for so-called “hunt, peck, filter, and click” means of digital information gathering, increasing the speed and efficiency of the search process. It also easily allows key information such as facts, patterns, or themes to be easily identified.

"Corporations, governments, and legal service providers are realizing they need a solution that can work with their unique IT requirements and business goals,” Adams said. “Nuix Discover also provides them with the right technology in the right configuration no matter their requirements-something we call total deployment intelligence.”

Nuix Discover receives monthly feature updates as a software-as-a-service (SaaS), and quarterly updates for those clients using the product on-premise. Nuix software is currently used by more than 2,000 organizations in more than 70 countries. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, the firm has offices in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania; Herndon, Virginia; San Francisco; and New York. 

The Dutch office of accounting and consulting firm BDO in 2017 selected Nuix as the e-discovery solution for its forensic investigators. The firm’s forensics and litigation arm offers often complex investigative services to law enforcement, prosecution and regulatory agencies, corporations, banks, and law firms.

Relatedly, Big Four consulting firm KPMG in 2018 announced an alliance with Nuix to deliver a data-driven, M&A-focused services as a deal accelerator for complex, unstructured data projects.