Hawksbill Group launches new public policy-focused subsidiary

17 September 2019 Consulting.us 2 min. read
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Washington, DC-based business and communications consultancy Hawksbill Group has announced the launch of a new subsidiary, Hawksbill Advisors. Whereas Hawksbill Group focuses on global manufacturing and international operations, Hawksbill Advisors will take a different tack.

"With the launch of Hawksbill Advisors, we'll expand our focus on public policy and provide strategic counsel in external and regulatory affairs to clients worldwide," Bob Ferguson, Hawksbill Group CEO, said.

Hawksbill Advisors will offer its clients “senior-level expertise” to challenges in pubic policy at the local, state, federal, and global level. The team consists of individuals who collectively have decades of experience in public policy, and who have worked as CEOs, chiefs of staff, and general counsels.

Ferguson, who previously was senior vice president of global public policy at General Motors, will serve as chair. Prior to GM, he worked as a senior strategist for Public Strategies, Inc., a business advisory firm headquartered in Austin, Texas. He also was former US Attorney General John Ashcroft’s chief of staff during Ashcroft’s tenure as governor of Missouri.

Hawksbill Group launches new public policy-focused subsidiary

Harry Lightsey will act as a principal consultant. He is the former executive director of emerging technologies policy at General Motors, where he also led GM’s Federal Affairs team. He has also served as president of AT&T’s southeast region and senior vice president of legislative and external affairs.

Kathy McKim, Hawksbill Groups’s senior vice president, will remain in her position, but also act as a principal for Hawksbill Advisors. She is the former vice president of external affairs at AT&T.

Howard A. Lenox, Jr. will also act as a principal consultant. Lenox previously served as a regional director of state government affairs for General Motors. He also worked as AT&T’s state president of New York and Nevada. 

Both Hawksbill Group and Hawksbill Advsiors donate a portion of their revenue to the preservation of the critically endangered hawksbill turtle and its ecosystem.