A.T. Kearney rebrands to ‘Kearney’

17 January 2020 Consulting.us 2 min. read
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It’s official – global consultancy A.T. Kearney is now simply “Kearney.” It’s perhaps the most obvious sign that the firm has undergone a comprehensive, all-encompassing rebrand.

Clients, firm partners, colleagues, and alumni all played a part in the rebrand – offering ideas, insights, and analysis into Kearney’s brand and value proposition. The results helped shaped the rebrand’s messaging and visual identity. Kearney has also committed to a  “highly personal storytelling approach” to the firm’s communications – for example, eliminating stock photography in lieu of crowdsourced images from Kearney employees, or “colleagues.”

"Our people are our brand, and our rebrand focuses squarely on that personal dimension," Abby Klanecky, partner and CMO at Kearney, said.

By removing the “A.T.” from its name – the first initials of the firm’s founder Andrew Thomas Kearney – Kearney is also emphasizing its focus on community and family. The “A.T.” removal, according to the firm, does not indicate a deviation from its values and commitment to client service, but signifies that its success is derived from more than an individual. 

A.T. Kearney rebrands to ‘Kearney’

“For decades, our brand was centered primarily around our heritage, in which we take extraordinary pride," Klanecky said. "While showcasing our firm's family name demonstrates that we remain true to our origins, our updated name, brand voice, and visual identity are more concise and personal, embracing who we are today."

"The most exciting aspect of our new brand is that it so accurately captures our voice. Our firm is refreshingly real, relatable, and original. To that end, we are eliminating industry jargon,” Alex Liu, chairman and managing partner of Kearney, added. “Kearney people are always themselves. We speak plainly, listen closely, and build great working relationships. We take joy in each other, and in every success achieved side by side with our clients."

Kearney’s rebrand was a project undertaken by brand strategy, design, ad experience firm Siegel+Gale, which assisted the firm in gathering the insights and information crucial to its transformation. During rebranding, it was also important that Kearney pinpoint those original traits that are both distinguishing and create a positive effect, both internally and externally.

"Brand is a valuable asset that is often overlooked," Philip Davies, president, EMEA, Siegel+Gale, said. "Kearney has always taken pride in placing its people at the center of what it does, and this rebrand highlights this unique approach. Many brands invest in clearly defining their purpose, but then fail to activate it. Kearney is a great example of a brand living its purpose through people centricity."