Legal consultant urges female lawyers to demand higher salaries

20 June 2018

Female lawyers should strike while the #MeToo iron is hot and demand higher salaries, a leading legal consultant has suggested. Kent Zimmermann, a Principal at management consultancy the Zeughauser Group, made the remarks in support of gender diversity as evidence mounts that teams with an even male/female balance tend to outperform others.

The Zeughauser Group is a management consulting firm with a specialized focus on the legal profession. With offices around the country, Zeughauser counts eight out of the top ten law firms by revenue in the US as clients. Services range from M&A advice, to organizational consulting, leadership development, and performance optimization.

Chicago-based Kent Zimmerman is a Principal at the firm and a former CEO and general counsel who advises clients on due diligence, mergers, and candidate firms, as well as drawing up strategic plans and conducting research. Zimmerman recently voiced his support for some of the leading women in the legal field who have urged top female lawyers to demand more money and a position in the corporate power structure.

Clients of major law firms are now seeing the value in having a legal team represent them which is itself diverse. It’s not just a matter of ticking boxes and appearing in the right light – research has repeatedly shown that balanced teams, both in the broader private sector and in the legal field, perform better than those skewed largely male or female.

Legal consultancy urges female lawyers to demand higher salaries

Coupled with the impact of #MeToo, which has seen countless women – whether media professionals or university students – speak out against unwanted male attention, capable, qualified and highly experienced female lawyers are now in serious demand. There is also a dearth of female lawyers at the top of the food chain as women are more likely than men to leave the profession early.

What this means, argues Zimmerman, is that senior female lawyers have a unique opportunity to command higher salaries in the kind of secretive pay discussions that have been the subject of recent debate over the proposed gender pay gap. “It’s a perfect storm in a good way,” he said. “It’s a heightened environment because of #MeToo. I think firms are understanding gender diversity is the right thing to do.”

Senior female consultants can be expected to follow suit, if they aren’t already. Much like sustainability, consultancies have jumped on the diversity bandwagon and advise clients to do the same. PwC recently helped launched a gender equality educational program, while Accenture raised eyebrows with its pledge to enforce a staff ratio of 50% men and 50% women by 2025. 


Leadership advisor YSC Consulting appoints Eric Pliner as CEO

18 April 2019

London-based global leadership consultancy YSC has appointed Eric Pliner as its new CEO, replacing Robert Sharrock, who held the role for five years. Pliner, previously the firm’s Americas leader, will remain based in New York City.

For 30 years, YSC Consulting has been providing leadership advisory services to clients across a wide range of industries. The firm provides services in the areas of leadership strategy, performance, research, and analytics. YSC also has offerings in organizational leadership and CEO & board advisory. The firm’s approach is grounded in the behavioral sciences, allowing clients to better align business strategy and leadership.

In 2017, Graphite Capital complete a private equity investment in the firm, which has allowed YSC to continue its rapid expansion across the globe. Today, the firm has 19 offices across the Americas, EMEA, and APAC regions, staffed by 225 professionals with backgrounds in clinical psychology and organizational behavior, among other areas.

YSC’s incumbent CEO, Robert Sharrock, will now move into the roles of managing director of YSC’s board and CEO of the advisory practice. Sharrock had previously indicated that he would move into a client-facing role following one year of results after the private equity infusion.Leadership advisor YSC Consulting appoints Eric Pliner as CEO


 “Having achieved the goals we established as a business during my tenure, I look forward to fully devoting my time to the client service areas of the business I find most rewarding, which is working directly with board members and CEOs,” Sharrock said. “I will also be offering my unreserved support to Eric and our global team as we continue to expand our distinctive business around the world.”

Eric Pliner, who has been with the firm since 2010, will step into the role of CEO. An expert in organizational behavior, talent management, and development, Pliner joined the firm as a senior consultant, working his way up to managing director and head of YSC Americas in 2014.

Prior to joining YSC, Pliner was director of organizational talent management & development at the NYC Department of Education, and was an adjunct instructor in the curriculum & teaching department at Hunter College in New York. He holds an MBA in management, organizational behavior, and human resources from the City University of New York – Baruch College.

“Robert has successfully led the business through five years of sustained growth and shaped the brand into a premier global leadership consultancy,” Pliner said. “I am thrilled and humbled by the opportunity to lead this iconic firm as we continue to serve world-class organisations in understanding and developing the critical leadership to achieve their future business strategies.

“Whether through individual executive assessment, pre-deal due diligence and post-deal integration for private equity transactions, design and execution of inclusive leadership and diversity strategy, coaching for senior executives and teams, resilient change leadership, and more, YSC’s global services are and will remain distinctive, characterful, and best-in-class,” he added.

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