PA Consulting, PulPac, and Seismic partner on sustainable packaging

17 March 2021 2 min. read

PA Consulting, PulPac, and Seismic Solutions have created a global partnership to market a sustainable alternative to single-use plastics.

PulPac is the Sweden-based inventor of a dry molded fiber technology that offers a sustainable, affordable alternative to single-use plastics.

As part of the new partnership, PA Consulting, an innovation and transformation consultancy, will develop technical and commercial applications and help scale the manufacturing process. PA previously worked with PulPac in an advisory capacity.

PA Consulting, PulPac, and Seismic partner on sustainable packaging

Seismic Solutions, a Chicago-area business development consulting firm, will work on introducing PulPac to its network of brand owners and manufacturers in North America.

PulPac’s dry molded fiber is a patented manufacturing technology that uses renewable pulp and cellulose to produce packaging and single-use products that have 80-90% lower CO2 footprint that plastic – at the same or lower cost. It can replace most packaging in and single-use products currently made from plastic, including soda bottles, take-out containers, coffee cup lids, and cosmetic packaging.

“Collaborative action is key in the race for sustainability in packaging,” Linus Larsson, CEO of PulPac, said. “Working together with PA and Seismic means we can move at a much greater speed, and together, fast track the replacement of single-use plastics.”

The partnership will work to encourage brands and manufacturers to switch to PulPac’s alternative to plastic. The group already has cooperation and licensing agreements with large global brands in food and drink, beauty, toys, and healthcare.

The partnership currently has technology centers in the UK and Sweden, and plans to open one in the US.

“We believe this partnership has the potential to completely transform the packaging industry,” said Philip Fawcus, PA Consulting’s sustainable packaging lead. “This is a gamechanger for customers already looking to replace single-use plastics.”

London-based PA is an expert in innovation and sustainability, with a track record of success in developing and commercializing sustainable packaging. The firm’s product design, material science, and manufacturing experts have been an important driver in PulPac’s growth and development.

PA has also worked with Skipping Rocks Lab on its seaweed-based, biodegradable water bottles, among other projects.