NMS Consulting advises Cerebain on acquisition of PKG

25 November 2020 Consulting.us 2 min. read

NMS Consulting is supporting biotech firm Cerebain in its planned acquisition of Idaho-based contract manufacturing firm PKG. The appointment builds on a two-year partnership between Cerebain and the consultancy.

California-based producer of clinically approved implants Cerebain announced its intent to acquire PKG earlier this year – enticed by the latter’s capabilities in contract design, development and manufacturing system-level devices for human-machine interfaces across the medical, aerospace and industrial products sectors – among several others. 

Also based in California, NMS Consulting has been advising Cerebain on its corporate growth strategy since 2018, and was picked as strategic advisor for the PKG deal. “We are very excited to continue working with Cerebain on this mandate,” said NMS Consulting managing partner and global head of private equity, Trevor Saliba. 

NMS Consulting advises Cerebain on acquisition of PKG

“We have had the privilege of working with them on various initiatives in preparation of their growth strategy. The acquisition of PKG begins the implementation of their long-term business plan,” he added. 

NMS Consulting’s team of advisors will run due diligence on PKG operations and books, while also providing Cerebain with strategic advice on transaction financing, human resources, cost and performance optimization, tax and a host of other areas – aimed at building maximum value for Cerebain shareholders.

The contract also extends to the post-merger phase, spanning integration support and advice on market entry, expansion, digital transformation, as well as privacy and security. According to Cerebain CEO Eric Clemons, the extensive mandate is built on trust from a long-standing collaboration. 

“NMS Consulting has been invaluable in advising us on constructing our long-term corporate growth strategy. As we look to complete the PKG acquisition milestone, we are looking forward to continue working with the NMS Consulting team and their providing strategic counsel related to the integration of the PKG operations into Cerebain and moving to the next steps of growing Cerebain in accordance with our internal plan to maximize shareholder value.” 

And PKG brings value in droves. The Idaho-based firm holds myriad lucrative contracts, including a recently clinched mandate to produce FDA-cleared transparent protective equipment ClearMask – set to enter production as a friendlier iteration of surgical masks that allow people to see each other’s faces.

Cerebain confirmed PKG’s involvement in ClearMask in a recent statement, adding it to a host of other big-ticket PKG contracts that will help power long-term growth at the biotech firm.