Deloitte and EY named among LinkedIn's Top 10 Company Pages

20 August 2018 3 min. read

Big Four accounting and consulting firms Deloitte and EY were ranked 7 and 10 in professional networking site LinkedIn’s list of the best company pages. The firms were specifically praised for their use of high quality images and video content.

LinkedIn is the world’s most popular professional networking social media site. Launched in 2003 in the US, the site has grown to a user base of half a billion people worldwide. Job have-ers and seekers put up a personal CV and link up with colleagues and others, (re)post business articles and personal thought pieces, browse and apply to jobs, and check out company pages.

The popular social media site – which is sort of like a scrubbed-up Facebook with more suits, less cat videos, and more business articles – was acquired by Microsoft for the healthy sum of $26.2 billion in 2016.

LinkedIn recently announced its Top 10 Company Pages for 2018, which highlights which firms have the best company pages on the website. LinkedIn selects the Top 10 Company Pages on the basis of the number of Twitter mentions with hashtag #BestofCP and the number of mentions companies get on LinkedIn on various Showcase Page posts.Deloitte and EY named among LinkedIn's Top 10 Company PagesThe list is distinct from LinkedIn’s annual Top Companies lists, which rank firms based on level of interest in the company’s jobs and people on the website, as well as a firm’s ability to retain its employees. For the US in 2018, Amazon was the top company on the list (with Alphabet and Facebook as runners-up); accounting and consulting firm PwC was tops in Australia, while strategy consultancy McKinsey & Company ranked first in Germany; KPMG ranked first in India.

Consulting firms were likewise among LinkedIn’s ranking of the best company pages on the site, with Deloitte coming in 7th and EY making the cut at 10th. Meanwhile, recruitment firm Hays ranked first, repeating its victory in 2017’s list.

With 13 thousand submissions nominating 945 company pages, the winners were propelled to victory by having the highest levels of employee engagement and advocacy. “This serves as another reminder that when you activate and rally your team on social media, it can take your brand to the winner’s circle,” said Alex Rynne of LinkedIn.

The top company pages provided thought-provoking content, high-quality imagery, and encouraged engagement with their brand by interacting with LinkedIn visitors and followers.

7th-place Deloitte was specifically lauded by LinkedIn for its company page’s ‘eye-catching visuals’ that go well beyond the standard low-effort stock images. Deloitte’s leveraging of Deloitte Digital and the vast creative and visual advertising talent therein has allowed it to craft some of the best accompanying imagery in the industry to its reports and articles.

Meanwhile, LinkedIn praised EY’s company page for its excellent usage of the site’s embedded native video functionality. EY regularly posts videos with key figures from the company to provide thoughtful business insights and create a deeper connection with visitors to their page.