Cognizant tapped to draw up Jack in the Box's new digital roadmap

15 March 2019 3 min. read

Technology consulting firm Cognizant is developing a new digital strategy for fast-food chain Jack in the Box. The core of the initiative includes a mobile app that lets customer view menus, promotions, and locations, and enables mobile-based payment.

Digital transformation is an important touchpoint in the fast-food industry, just as in many others. Squeezing out operational value, staying ahead of the competition, and forging stronger customer relationships are just part of what a strong digital strategy can bring to an organization.

McDonald’s has poured money into digital transformation initiatives in recent years, guided to a large extent by French tech consultancy Capgemini. McDonald's has since rolled out digital kiosks to its franchises, cutting down on labour, while boosting order efficiency, accuracy, and customer experience.

The bedrock of the McDonald’s strategy has been its market-leading mobile app, which allows users to find the nearest restaurant, make orders within the app, view promotions, access special "app-only" deals, and view nutritional information. Consumers get a streamlined digital experience with ease of use and exclusive deals, while McDonald’s harvests vital consumer data and forges a deeper customer relationship with app users.

As food and labour prices continue to increase, McDonald’s has to find efficiencies where it can, while providing some sort of value proposition to consumers, even if it is digital convenience and a reliable, though widely disparaged, product. The company’s stocks have rallied 12% this year, having traversed financial doldrums in years prioir.Cognizant tapped to draw up Jack in the Box's new digital roadmapOther fast-food industry players are following the digital path laid beneath the shadow of the Golden Arches. Jack in the Box, which has more than 2,200 restaurants mostly centered on the West Coast market, has tapped Cognizant to develop its new digital strategy.

"At Jack in the Box, we're committed to harnessing digital technologies to improve every part of our business from the guest experience to our back-office operations," Adrienne Ingoldt, vice president of marketing communications at Jack in the Box., said. "Cognizant knows the hospitality industry and understands what it takes for a restaurant to be competitive.”

Cognizant’s digital consultants surveyed customers about their experiences and preferences, while identifying operational efficiencies and industry best practices. The resulting mobile app – Jack in the Box’s first – provides "one-tap" functionality for ordering and payments, as well as the ability to view menus, value deals, and exclusive promotions. The app also integrates customer relationship management tools to provide improved business insight for the restaurant chain.

"As a highly recognized brand in the fast-food industry, Jack in the Box understands what on-the-go convenience means for their customers and their business," Joe Rajadurai, Cognizant’s North American head of the travel and hospitality sector, said. "Jack in the Box turned to Cognizant to elevate the guest experience and utilize digital technologies to increase efficiencies while also setting the table for future in-store and online offerings. Using customer-centric design, backed by clearly defined business objectives, we are able to help Jack in the Box achieve specific business outcomes and help ensure they are prepared for the future of fast food."

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