KPMG spins out AI software business Cranium

11 April 2023 2 min. read

KPMG US has spun out the first company from its KPMG Studio startup incubator: Cranium, an artificial intelligence security software firm.

As generative AI has gained steam with the popular use of ChatGPT, concerns about safeguarding AI technologies have likewise emerged. Additionally, regulators are rushing to set up rules for companies deploying AI systems. Companies looking to integrate AI into their operations will have to address how they secure those new systems and whether they comply with emerging regulations.

Cranium is an end-to-end AI security platform that maps AI pipelines, validates security, and monitors for adversarial threats. It integrates into existing systems without interruption, according to a press release from KPMG. Cranium’s experts have also developed a playbook to help security teams protect their AI systems and adhere to US and EU regulations.

“While generative AI has taken headlines by storm in recent months, AI and AI security have long been a focus for KPMG, and with advancements in AI and cyber attacks increasing, our KPMG Studio team identified a real market need for Cranium,” said Cliff Justice, national leader for enterprise innovation at KPMG US. “Cranium is KPMG Studios’ inaugural spin-out and exemplifies the firm’s commitment to cultivating innovative solutions that solve complex client challenges.”

KPMG spins out AI software business Cranium

The tech startup was developed in KPMG Studio, which incubates and accelerates early-stage ventures into high-growth businesses. The studio’s portfolio includes innovation ventures across generative AI, cybersecurity, new business models, HR, people technology, Web3, and the metaverse.

“Cranium brings visibility, trust, and a new level of security to cybersecurity and data science teams when it comes to the entire AI ecosystem of any organization,” said Jonathan Dambrot, founder & CEO of Cranium and a former KPMG partner.

KPMG and cybersecurity investor SYN Ventures provided seed funding and have taken minority stakes in Cranium as the startup develops a future roadmap.

“Cranium is emerging into the cybersecurity market at exactly the right time,” said Jay Leek, managing partner at SYN Ventures. “As enterprises adopt and deploy AI models, the use of sensitive data and the strategic value of these models to a business requires that enterprise grade security tools be used in tandem. The company’s innovative platform is positioned to instill trust in AI and secure AI use across all industries.”