Oil data specialist Oseberg launches AI-powered consulting division

14 December 2018 Consulting.us 3 min. read

Oklahoma City-based data and analytics firm Oseberg has created a new consulting practice dedicated to extracting and delivering actionable data intelligence from physical and scanned documents.

Founded in 2009, OKC-headquartered Oseberg provides a software-as-a-service (SaaS) to oil companies which allows them to more easily access and use public data from state, federal, and county records. The company’s SaaS products let clients search, map, mine, and statistically analyze every inch of data – reducing weeks or months of work to days and hours.

To accomplish this, Oseberg uses machine learning, webscraping, and natural language processing to extract relevant clauses buried in byzantine documents – creating a high-quality, normalized, structured data set as a finished product.

Upstream and midstream oil & gas industry clients use the firm’s data intelligence services to make smarter and faster decisions – forecasting activity, discovering opportunities, and monitoring competitors. Oseberg currently provides data for Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico, with more states on the way. The firm’s clients include BP, Orion, and Canaan Resource Partners.Oil data specialist Oseberg launches AI-powered consulting divisionNow the company has created a new consulting practice that will use their proprietary advanced technology to aggregate useful and clearly presented data from large volumes of physical and scanned documents, including legal filings and archival materials. The practice will be led by Dean Williams, a strategy and information services expert with over 25 years of experience in upstream oil & gas.

"We are thrilled to launch this new practice and welcome Dean Williams to our team," said Evan Anderson, CEO at Oseberg. "We can now apply Oseberg's expertise in extracting text from document images using machine learning to unlock opportunities trapped in proprietary documents just as we have with public data."

According to the firm, the technology is currently being used by one of the world’s largest management consultancies to better analyze well economics and cost trends in the service sector.

Prior to becoming Managing Director of Oseberg Consulting Services, Denver-based Dean Williams spent a year as a Principal at management consultancy Willico Strategy. Before that he spent nearly two decades with information services giant IHS (which became IHS Markit after merging with Markit in 2016), rising from Engineer, Applications Support to Vice President, Data Products & Solutions. In his final role at the firm, he led a $200 million, 30-product business unit serving over 3000 energy industry customers.

Williams started his career as a Reservoir Engineer with Crystal Oil Company. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Louisiana Tech University.

"I am excited to join the Oseberg crew and to be on the cutting edge of data capture technology using AI and machine learning,” commented Williams. “This is an entirely new way to think about the role of data and information currently trapped in documents.  We're providing the power to discover and unlock business opportunities by applying data science workflows that go well above and beyond basic data analytics.”

"Oseberg has created an innovative process that allows the industry to rapidly create unique datasets in a very short time," he added. "Consulting is our bridge to bring this expertise and process to our customers' proprietary documents and workflows."