Simon-Kucher announces brand refresh, 21% growth in 2022

27 February 2023 2 min. read

Simon-Kucher, a global sales and marketing consultancy, announced a new brand identity and reported 21% growth to reach €534.9 million ($563.2 million) in revenue in 2022.

As part of its brand refresh, the Bonn, Germany-headquartered company dropped the “& Partners” from its brand name. They’ve kept a similar font for the new logo, but switched the tagline from “Strategy & Marketing Consultants” to “Unlocking better growth.”

“Simon” and “Kucher” are now compactly stacked on top of one another, with a new symbol separating the two words and replacing the previous simple diamond. The new symbol is three conjoined diamonds that look like an open cardboard box, or perhaps a segment of a chessboard. It depends on whether they’re attempting to bring to mind sales, or strategy, or both. Either way it’s fairly abstract stuff.

Simon-Kucher said its new brand purpose, “Unlocking better growth,” represents how the firm helps clients achieve higher quality growth, increased sales, and sustainable profit.

“The next chapter of our story is based on a very clear insight into something that is at the core of everything we do and something every company is challenged with globally: growth,” said Mark Billige, co-CEO of Simon-Kucher. “To put it simply, our vision is to be known as the world’s leading growth specialist.”

Simon-Kucher announces brand refresh, 21% growth in 2022

The company was founded in 1985 by Hermann Simon, a German business professor, and his doctoral students Eckhard Kucher and Karl-Heinz Sebastian.

The company expanded into the US in 1996 with an office in Cambridge, MA. Simon-Kucher today has 30 partners and 250+ associates in the US, with offices in Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, Houston New York, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley. Overall, the consulting firm has more than 2,000 employees in 30 countries across the Americas, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Asia.

A specialist in pricing, Simon-Kucher has broadened its offering to support clients across all facets of their strategy, including product, innovation, marketing, and sales. The consultancy has further expanded its services to include digital consulting, transaction services, and software.

The firm’s 2022 revenue growth of 21% kept pace with 2021, when it posted 22.5% growth to reach $506.7 million in revenue. In both years, the company’s expanding US operations had the strongest growth among all regions.

In 2022, Simon-Kucher’s US region had 24.76% growth to reach $202.5 million in revenue.

The firm in 2022 appointed 35 new partners to bring its partner count to 190. Simon-Kucher also announced the opening of new offices in Seoul, Johannesburg, and Mumbai.

“Throughout our journey, we’ve never failed to hold ourselves to our own growth ambitions as a firm,” said Andreas von der Gathen, co-CEO of Simon-Kucher. “As we’ve done every year since 1985, we spent the past year investing in top talent, building our presence in key markets across the globe, and developing a dynamic and accessible leadership team.”