West Monroe and GenAlpha team up for manufacturers

19 June 2019 Consulting.us 2 min. read

West Monroe Partners, a national business and technology consulting firm, has partnered with ecommerce software company GenAlpha to provide business optimization advice to organizations operating within the manufacturing industry. 

The partnership will allow West Monroe to leverage PartSpot, GenAlpha’s ecommerce and e-catalog system designed for the manufacturing aftermarket. PartSpot offers manufacturing businesses an integrated electronic parts catalog, interactive 3D drawings, and BOM illustration hot-spotting. Such software allows organizations opportunities for increased profitability and opens channels through which business can be done more easily. West Monroe and GenAlpha will work with clients in tandem, utilizing one another’s strengths as they work with clients around the United States.

West Monroe also focuses on aftermarket growth, offering advice and assistance in helping businesses achieve “peak performance.” Headquartered in Chicago, the firm operates in nine states across the US with more than 1,100 employees comprised of both consultants and technologists. In addition to the manufacturing, West Monroe provides consulting services to businesses in industries including banking, capital markets, retail, energy and utilities, insurance, healthcare, and life sciences. Consulting Magazine named it one of 2016’s “Best Firms to Work For.”

West Monroe and GenAlpha team up for manufacturers

"This partnership will offer manufacturing firms a unique perspective on how to optimize [West Monroe’s] operations via the use of state-of-the-art ecommerce technology for the aftermarket,” Stan Eames, GenAlpha CEO, said. “Businesses no longer need to fear the complexities and risks of the digital transformation of their aftermarket operations”

Globally, the manufacturing industry is ripe for consulting work. The rise of workflow automatization and “smart” technologies such as Industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence mean businesses and organizations around the world are seeking advice on how to better adapt and ready themselves for a future that will increasingly rely on non-human methods of production.

UK-based manufacturing businesses face another challenge, as the industry saw negative growth in 2018, reflecting a wider slowdown of the country’s economy amid uncertainty around Brexit. Manufacturing is a key industry in the UK, generating around 10% of total economic output and supporting approximately 2.7 million jobs.